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Welcome to the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial mindset benefits everyone! Activate your degree, build your career and make the change you want to see with life changing experiences, rockstar profs and outstanding mentorship.

Our Mission

We are all Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

Whatever your strengths are, we’re here to help you amplify them by building your resilience, capabilities and confidence to shape your future and career.

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Opportunities for Everyone


Activate any SFU degree by adding skills, perspectives and knowledge that will help you stand out from the crowd.

We offer programs for:

Entrepreneurship Graduate Internship (eGrad)
Entrepreneurship Coop (eCoop)
Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize
Invention to Innovation (i2I)

Educators and Programming

Across programs, you'll focus on experiences, guided by thought leaders and experts, supported by a radical interdisciplinary community with diverse ideas, skills and experiences. Sound good?

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Entrepreneurial Educators
Lecturer Joshua Tiong
Professor Dr. Sarah Lubik
Lecturer Naghmi Shireen
Professor Simon Ford

Our Partners are trailblazers

Faculty advisors, funders and champions from across sectors are change makers and entrepreneurs. We complement each other to deliver world class resources. We're proud to call them partners.

Partner Impact
Prospera Credit Union – Opportunity Fest 2021
Coast Capital Venture Connection
Genome BC Has Vision
Discovery Foundation
Community Stories

Claire Connop

4th Year Business Major Concentrating In Marketing

"BUS 238. Extremely beneficial class, you get to work with a team, you get to create an idea, it’s fun and you also get to learn about what's happening in your community. Do the Intro to Entrepreneurship 238. Extremely beneficial class, you get to work with a team, you get to create an idea, it’s fun and you also get to learn about what's happening in your community. There’s so much benefit from going to that class."

Community Stories

Takundanashe Chisvo

5th Year Business Concentrating In Finance , Certificate of Entrepreneurship

"Initially I took BUS 238, and during it I fell in love with how entrepreneurship was taught at sfu. Initially, I thought entrepreneurship meant starting a business, but after taking 238 and really learning the material, it's more about finding a problem that you’re passionate about and creating solutions for those problems. At first it seemed like a money making opportunity, but then it became trying to helped as many people as you can. It really helped me develop my problem solving skills and helped me meet a need in the community"

Community Stories

Tommy Goana

4th Year Business Major Concentrating in MIS and Marketing

"I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur, and BUS 238 really showed me in a constructive way, that I had the wrong idea about what an Entrepreneur was. Upon looking at the certificate requirements, I saw I would also get to do courses like Project Management which can be transferable to everyday life. The professors teaching the courses, such as Manny Padda, Andrew Harris made the experience so much better that I had to commit to completing the certificate."

Community Stories

Lucy Lei

Environmental Studies, Major/Faculty Of Environment

"I really like how supportive they are. They're all extremely approachable, once you email them a question they will try their best to support you by connecting you with others. Great for anyone who wants to start something, you don’t need to have an idea. Don’t be afraid to join just because you don’t have an idea. Just give this a try, learn what's like to build from scratch, and you can always transfer these skills to other aspects of your life."

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