Meet the Team

Sarah Lubik

Executive Director

Dr. Sarah Lubik is the Executive Director of the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship. She builds platforms, programming, relationships and shared vision to unleash entrepreneurial mindset at SFU and across the country. Sarah’s  favourite construct within the entrepreneurial mindset is resilience because it allows us to feel confident and thrive in the midst of the constant changes the world throws at us.

Janice OBriain

Program Director

Janice OBriain is Program Director for the Chang Institute and Director of the Coast Capital Incubator. She is a key member of the team, developing, resourcing and leading programs that support early stage ventures and entrepreneurial mindset development. Janice’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset characteristics are Resourcefulness, Resilience, and Imagination & Creativity.

Ben Chow

Operations Director

Ben Chow is the Operations Director. He is a key member of the team, seeing through the complicated maze of imperfections in daily work and thinking there must be an easier way to do this. Ben’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset characteristic is resourcefulness, because in his line of work, agility and creativity make the days go by easier.

Angie Van Vliet

Program Assistant

Angie Van Vliet is the Program Assistant. She is a key member of the team, assisting with the administration of Venture Connection, scheduling of the Executive Director of Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, and as first point of contact at the Venture Connection Incubator Office. Angie’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset characteristics combine creativity and planning, as she finds innovation and strategy are essential to keep all her plates spinning at the same time. A good sense of humour helps.

Maycko Macapugas

Events and Community Engagement Manager

Maycko Macapugas is the Engagement, Special Projects and Events Lead at the Chang Institute. He is a key member of the team, seeking to inspire students to take a slice of entrepreneurship by curating and hosting events focused on the student experience. Maycko’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset characteristic is curiosity, because it opens a world of possibilities for new opportunities and perspectives.

Kevin Pilar

Student Communications and Recruitment Manager

Kevin is the communications and recruitment manager. He is a key member of the team, supporting the efforts that go toward making folks aware of all the amazing accomplishments our students and clients have achieved. Kevin’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset is curiosity because it leads to discovery and inspiration.

Joelle Lee

Communications Coordinator

Joelle Lee is the Communications Coordinator. She is a key member of the team, managing Venture Connection’s communications strategy and developing the Chang Institute’s social media and newsletter channels. Joelle’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset value is Growth because she firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge can help us adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Krysta Vander Helm

Events and Engagement Coordinator

Krysta Vander Helm is the Events and Engagement Coordinator at the Chang Institute. She is a key member of the team. Where there is detailed information and complex ideas needing to be simplified, you’ll find her right at home developing it into messages that resonate and connect our community together. Krysta’s passion for bringing people together extends to event planning where she thrives off of seeing her plans result in positive, engaging human connections. When it comes to entrepreneurship, she identifies most with the vital characteristic of resilience – “ It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Nicole David

Incubator Programs Coordinator

Nicole David is the Incubator Programs Coordinator at the Chang Institute. Nicole helps implement the successful delivery of pre-incubation & incubation programs, including the Venture Connection program. In this role, she is driven by her passion for strengthening entrepreneurial initiatives that make positive societal change. The Growth Mindset is Nicole’s favourite entrepreneurial characteristic because an integral part of entrepreneurship is not being afraid to make mistakes and learn from them!

Mentors in Residence

Doug Fast

Lead Embedded Mentor

Doug Fast is the Lead Embedded Mentor at the Chang Institute. He is a key member of the team and serves as a thinking partner for students and teams seeking to influence their worlds for the better. Doug’s favourite element of entrepreneurial mindset is imagination because, as Albert Einstein stated, imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Trish Mandewo

Mentor in Residence

Trish is a Mentor in Residence at the Chang Institute. She doubles up as a lead Mentor for Equity Diversity and Inclusion. Trish is a key member of the team and she challenges students to be daring and intentional with stakeholder engagement. She is a stickler for good policies and practices. Her favourite element of the entrepreneurial mindset is curiosity as it begets creativity. Trish believes in a purpose driven life; one where knowledge is shared, and power is used to lift others up. She loves playing tennis and bird watching.

Lesley Esford

Mentor in Residence

Lesley is a Mentor in Residence at the Chang Institute.  She is also the lead Mentor for Life sciences. She has spent the last 19 years as an entrepreneur or advising Life sciences start-ups.   She is equally excited to learn about the science/technology as she is to discuss the business opportunity of new ventures.   Her favourite element of the entrepreneurial mindset is resiliency as it’s easy to start a business but hard to grow a sustainable and thriving one.

Shannon Bard

Mentor in Residence

Shannon Bard is a Mentor in Residence at the Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, specializing in Climate Solutions. Shannon is a key member of the team, bringing over 30 years of experience in innovation and R&D in climate solutions, environmental sustainability, ecosystem & human health. Shannon’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset values are Empathy, Imagination & Creativity, and Resilience.

Dave Thomas

Mentor in Residence

Dave Thomas is a mentor in residence at the Chang Institute. He is a key member of the team bringing together different people and players in the technology community. Dave’s favourite entrepreneurial mindset value is collaboration because teamwork enables company and personal growth.