At the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, we defy norms at every turn.  While most university entrepreneurship programs are getting students to try starting ventures, we focus on creating Canada’s most comprehensive and inclusive continuum of interdisciplinary, experiential programming to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, working closely with all SFU faculties and innovation partners in one of Canada’s most supportive university ecosystems. 

Ready to become an innovator, entrepreneur, or changemaker?

Our Promise

We’re driven by a moral obligation to help students create their own opportunities, adapt, and thrive in an unpredictable future. In a shifting world, the most important gift we can give them, one they already have inside: The entrepreneurial mindset. Whether students dream of unleashing their inner innovator inside an organization, changemaker in society, or venture entrepreneur (or a combination), we will work with our students and university community to co-create and support valuable, interdisciplinary programs that meet unmet needs of our students and our local and global communities.

Our Values

The Chang Institute is built on strong values consistent with the entrepreneurial mindset, such as tolerance of ambiguity, creativity, empathy, and more. They guide our actions, vision and programming to address the growing need for leaders, collaborators and problem solvers who can navigate a changing world.

#1 Entrepreneurial MindsetWe need more people with entrepreneurial mindset not just more entrepreneurial ventures.
#2 Hands-on ExperienceWe don’t create entrepreneurs; they create themselves: create the experience, the students will learn.
#3 Interdisciplinary CollaborationRealistic entrepreneurial mindset means working with, respecting and seeking people who don’t have the same skills or academic background.
#4 Diversity, Equity and InclusionImpactful entrepreneurs need to work with, respect and value others from different communities, beliefs and backgrounds.
#5 Practice What we PreachInterdisciplinary teams and entrepreneurial mindset are needed at the faculty level, too.
#6 Challenge-FocusedImpactful entrepreneurs fall in love with the problem, not their solution.

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