Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Innovating in education takes courage, creativity and community, and we’re here to help. The Chang Institute provides resources and assistance to entrepreneurial educators, such as:

  • Embedded Mentors
  • Speakers in the Classroom
  • Live Case Studies
  • Curricular and Co-curricular design

Embedded Mentors

Check out our list of embedded mentors, all from different fields of expertise, here!

Speakers in the Classroom

Bring in inspiring experts from a wide range of entrepreneurial, change-making, and innovative roles! Contact us at

Live Case Studies

The Chang Institute is currently working with local innovators Riipen to provide live cases and challenges for class projects.  Contact Riipen directly to discuss.

Curricular and Co-curricular Support

SFU and the Chang Institute have a long history of creating, supporting, and iterating innovative models for interdisciplinary classes, programs, and events. Interested in getting involved or starting something new? Contact us at

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