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“The Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship presents #MadeBySFU, in partnership with the SFU Spirit Shop, an annual competition celebrating product entrepreneurs from Simon Fraser University” 

Join us at the Marketplace on Thursday, Oct 13, 2022!

10:00 am – 2:00 pm PDT
Mezzanine, SFU Surrey Campus


Join us at the Marketplace on Oct 13, 2022.

#MadeBySFU is a maker’s competition. This product-based competition is brought to you by the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship as a way to celebrate and highlight our do-er, creator, and DIY-er entrepreneurs. Designed for small businesses alike, the #MadeBySFU competition comes to a head at the marketplace on October 13, 2022, at the SFU Surrey Campus Mezzanine where competitors showcase to win prizes such as purchase orders from SFU’s very own Spirit Shop.

Want to participate in the competition as a Vendor or have other inquiries about the #MadeBySFU competition? Contact Krysta Pallone Helm at eec_changinsitute@sfu.ca.

Bug Online

Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by childlike whimsy. Trinkets that celebrate your funkiest self! Bug Online shop features a wide assortment of handmade charms accompanied by colourful beads.

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Fern Threads

Sofia Fernandez runs Fern Threads. She handles everything from curating the fabrics, designing and sewing bags, and marketing them through social media. She loves the variety of work that comes with running her own business and seeing the products she carefully crafted find new homes.

Visit the shop!

Noor & Co.

Noor & Co. sells handmade oversized scrunchies and donates 1 fresh meal to a girl in India for every sale.

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Horizon Track Club

Horizon Track Club is a marketing agency and a clothing brand with the goal of supporting Canadian athletes through its profit-sharing model. With their recent collaboration with New Balance, Horizon Track Club has released a collection of hoodies, sweats, and t-shirts that are made of sustainable cotton.

Visit the shop!

KindRed Shop

KindRed Shop’s colourful handmade resin goods are sure to brighten your day!

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Love Me Some

Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers were created to harness the ‘Power of Seeds’. Their nutty, light, crispy flavourful handmade crackers are homemade recipes that contain no added sugar, or preservatives, and are naturally gluten-free, trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free, nut-free and vegan.

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Mojo the Catcoon

A local small business that sells premium quality art prints, punny greeting cards, and kawaii sticker designs.

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Some vendors are available for SFU departmental events and marketing orders – ask us for more details!


Founded in April 2020, BAK’D is a brother-and-sister-owned company that makes 5 oz gourmet cookies. BAK’D cookies are not like your typical cookies. They are BIG cookies, made locally, with high-quality ingredients. Each cookie is freshly baked and handmade to guarantee that each bite is the perfect bite, every time.

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Hlùlu’s Garden

Hlùlu’s Garden promotes traditional wellness by sharing time-honoured healing methods that have been passed down from ancestors. Their Devils Club Salves are respectfully harvested on Squamish Territories and made in small batches with the greatest care.

Community Partners

Special Guests

Enviro Bag Evolution

Julie Melanie is the creative mind and nurturing soul behind Enviro Bag Evolution. A trained seamstress, Julie Melanie creates hand-made storage bags for disabled people who use a variety of mobility aids.

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Senseslab Creations

Homemade essential oil soy candles catered to your needs and mood by using certified essential oils and natural ingredients. Crafted in a reusable cement jar, you can choose from a variety of fragrances to improve your well-being.

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The Walking Stick Dude

Martin Haridge is the owner and operator of The Walking Stick Dude. A semi-retired construction worker, Martin started making walking sticks while healing from a leg infection. Each stick is sourced from local wood, then hand-sanded and carved into a unique piece of functional art. Walking sticks make for excellent mobility aids, fashion accessories, hiking support or wall art.

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The #MadeBySFU marketplace is the grand finale where #MadeBySFU competitors use everything they’ve learned throughout the competition to display their products in the best light.

The marketplace takes place from 10 AM to 2 PM on October 13 at the SFU Surrey Mezzanine. Attendees are free to stop by anytime during these hours. Winners of the competition are announced at the end, so be sure to swing by!

Find unique items and get your holiday shopping done early at the #MadeBySFU marketplace. 

*Some vendors may be cash-only. Check with the vendors first to see if they accept Visa/Debit transactions. 

RSVP to the Marketplace


Selling to your Customer: Wholesale vs Retail

Workshop Details

In this workshop, you will learn from Peter Lisiecki, SFU Spirit Shop Supervisor about the difference between wholesale vs. retail and how to choose the right option for your product. This is a great opportunity to learn how to develop and optimize your products for #MadeBySFU and beyond.

If you are a competitor in this year’s #MadeBySFU competition, we highly recommend attending.

Haven’t entered the competition? You are still welcome to join and learn from an industry expert!

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM PDT

Location: Online (Zoom link will be sent out upon registration)

  • NOTE Venue Change: This workshop will now take place virtually. A Zoom link will be sent out to you via email if you have registered for the event.

Developing an Ecommerce Presence

Workshop Details

This workshop features Alia Sunderji, founder of Luv The Grub and Ideen Rismani, founder of Sky Bear Consulting. They will be discussing the main factors to consider when developing an e-commerce platform. Additionally, you will learn how to develop and optimize your products for #MadeBySFU and beyond.

If you are a competitor in this year’s #MadeBySFU competition, we highly recommend attending.

Haven’t entered the competition? You are still welcome to join and learn from the industry experts!

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Time: 2:00 – 3:30 PM PDT

Location: Online (Zoom link will be sent out upon registration)

The 2022 Winners

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Award: Jose Castro, Horizon Track Club

The SFU Innovates Award: Charmaine Ng, Love Me Some

The Bookshelf POs: Mojo the CatcoonKindRed Shop, and Love Me Some

Sponsored By:

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